• Energy Efficiency
    • Infrared Humidifier for precise humidity control
    • iCOM Controller for optimized room performance
    • Combined technologies of EC Fan and Digital Scroll Compressor yield higher level of efficiency
    • EC Fan with in-floor configuration
    • Efficient dehumidification cycle
  • Space Savings
    • 15% more kW per square meter compared to the industry average
    • Requires nothing more than direct front access
    • Downflow EC Fabs serviceable from above floor without disturbing the raised floor
    • Units can be dismantled and reassembled for difficult site jobs
  • Communications and Monitoring
    • Teamwork Mode allows units to work together in rooms with unbalanced loads
    • Spare parts list allows speedy identification of parts
    • Unit diary shares history with any authorized users or service contacts
  • System Supervision and Management
    • Enhanced remote communications and control with Liebert Intellislot Card
    • Centralized Management with Liebert Nforms Software
    • Enterprise Management with Liebert SiteScan Web Software
  • Multiple Configurations
    • Twelve different configurations for Upflow and Downflow units
    • Configure for your specific needs
  • Dual Cool
    • Second coil that utilizes the central building Chiller system water supply
    • Unit can function either as a DX (compressorized) or a Chilled water system
    • Reduces energy cost
    • Increases redundancy and flexibility to the environmental control system
  • Free Cool
    • Glycol Free Cool System
    • Unit can function as a DX (compressors), or Free Cool or mixed for energy savings
    • Reduces energy costs in colder climates

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